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Yunnan Baiyao has been around for a long time, ever since 1902 when it was created by a doctor named Qu Huan Zhang in the Province of Yunnan. After its invention it became obvious that the treatment was one of the best if not the best overall formula in order to prevent traumatic bleeding as well as stop infections from happening. Then and now the treatment is considered one of the most important remedies to have in a first aid kit or someone’s medicine cabinet.

When the treatment was first introduced no one knew what was inside of it. The ingredients that comprise the drug were kept under heavily guarded secret. There were only a small number of doctors who knew what was inside the treatment. All of this changed when the communist government forcefully made the family tell what the formula was made of and when this happened it now became under control of the state.

The main benefit The Yunnan Baiyao offers is it helps to stop bleeding from serious wounds, some of which would be life threatening otherwise. It can be used internally, meaning it can be ingested, but in the case of a serious wound the contents can be applied directly to a wound in order to stop bleeding. You can imagine the many different applications for this. The use of it as a primary tool to have in a first aid kit for men/women during military service for example would be one of them.

How did Yunnan Baiyao become so well known?

The treatment begin to get a lot of attention when it was used on the battlefield when the Chinese were fighting against the Japanese in World War 2. The treatment was also made available heavily when China provided it to Vietnam when the Vietnam War was being fought. The treatment proved effective at helping to alleviate serious injuries that took place on the battlefield.

How To Use It

For external injuries, such as cuts, abrasions, and burns, the powder can be spayed directly on the injured area.  The powder will immediately begin to work as a hemostatic and antibacterial agent, cleaning the wound of poisons and helping to stop any bleeding right away.

Internal injuries are more complicated and should be assessed by a veterinarian for proper diagnosis, however, it is suggested to ask your vet about the administration of Yunnan Baiyao capsules if your pets suffer stomach ulcers, pulmonary hemorrhage, or even heavy hemorrhaging caused by birthing puppies.  This medicine is beneficial to a wide-range of health conditions and is well worth keeping on hand for emergencies and minor issues that should not require a hefty vet bill.

Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs

These days though one of the primary discussions is about Yunnan Baiyao use for dogs. People really care about their dogs and consider them to be a part of the family. As you know dogs aren’t able to use a lot of the medication treatments that people might use for certain conditions. As a result when a dog suffers from something, such as various forms of cancer, then they’ll be limited to risky treatment procedures that can leave them feeling depleted. Yunnan Baiyao is something that can prove an effective alternative for dogs in this regard.