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My Experience Using Yunnan Baiyao To Help My Aggressive Dog Chub Chub

Here’s the thing about my dog chub chub. While he’s a great dog that has a lot of energy, he sometimes can have just a bit too much energy. This is especially true for when we go out for walks or are in environments where there tends to be a lot of debris around.

Now I do my best to protect chub chub, but he’s the type of dog that’s going to find a way to get into what he wants to get into. He’s a cute little pug that I’ve had for a long time and I want to make sure I do whatever it takes to make sure he’s a part of my family for as long as possible.

Chub chub a part from being really aggressive when I take him out also tends to be aggressive when it comes to playing with other dogs. This has led to instances of him being scarred really badly. And it doesn’t stop with rough play with other dogs either.

My pug can sometimes pick fights with animals he shouldn’t that roam around in our backyard due to our close proximity to the woods. I’m taking raccoons, beavers and ground hogs. The result is really bad cuts and gashes that have led to serious bleeding at times.

And it’s scary to me because when bleeding happens it happens suddenly and sometimes uncontrollably. Stopping it or even slowing it down becomes a challenge, because even if I can get it to the vet in time what’s to stop him from bleeding too much before he gets help?

This is where I started to look for solutions and I’m not just taking about conventional first aid kits for dogs. I’m talking about sometimes that would help to control if not stop bleeding altogether until I could get my pug to an emergency vet in these instances. That’s where I came across Yunnan Baiyao.

One thing I liked right away about it was that it was Chinese based. I know that in Chinese culture they tend to rely heavily on natural herbs and remedies to health problems and injuries versus quickly going to prescription based options that may also be good, but can come with more risk. Prescriptions also tend to be more expensive.

Before I continue I want to briefly describe what Yunnan Baiyao is just to make sure people are clear. Yunnan Baiyao is a form of first aid that can be used not only for dogs, but for people as well. Its main use is assisting with different types of traumatic injuries as well as internal bleeding.

It can be used in order to help out small cuts, various forms of bruises, swelling problems or internal injuries that can happen as a result of physical altercations or surgery related bleeding. In cases of having some form of cut or gash the treatment simply has to be placed on the spot of the bleeding in order to help. In cases of treating internal bleeding the treatment has to be swallowed.

Yunnan is able to stop bleeding, it can disperse blood stasis, help with blood circulation, diminish instances of pain, eliminate toxins and even lower swelling. In various studies that have been done concerning the drug it has been shown to reduce the bleeding duration and clotting duration.

As far as the ingredients go for the treatment, these are kept secret, by the producers, but some of the core ingredients are said to be as follows:

  • Radix Notoginseng
  • Ajuga Forrestii Diels
  • Rhizoma Dioscoreae
  • Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae
  • Herba Geranii & Herba Erodii
  • Dioscoreae Parviflora Ting
  • Herba Inulae Cappae

These are the ingredients that were on the labels for the treatment sent to the US. I was told that not all ingredients are included.

Now this treatment might not seem like a big deal, but think about how it could help out in situations where your dog has a serious cut or bruise. I know it helped me out tremendously, because as soon as I got it my dog ended up getting badly bitten by another dog while play fighting. I applied Yunnan Baiyao and not only did it work, but it seemed to work like magic.

One of my issues is I wonder why Yunnan Baiyao isn’t more talked about at places like the vet or just in general. My thoughts are that vets don’t like the idea of people using anything they themselves aren’t familiar with. All they’ll do in most cases is offer up a more expensive approach or say that there’s a high risk in using something that they don’t approve of first.

I did a lot of research on Yunnan Baiyao, because I wanted to be sure the product was truly safe to use for my pug chub chub. It’s very clear in terms of what it does. The treatment was originally used in 1902 in order to help Chinese soldiers who had suffered serious would to stop from bleeding out when battling against the Japanese. It saved lives and from this standpoint it’s something everyone should have then, not just for use with dogs.

As of this writing Yunnan Baiyao is produced legitimately by Yunnan Baiyao Group LTD. This is said to be one of the best state pharmaceutical companies in the country of China. I’ve seen how well it works and I’ve definitely added it to my first aid kit not just for my dog, but for me and my loved ones as well.

Serious speaking, not trying to convince people to purchase this treatment, but I’m telling you it does work very well to stop bleeding. It works and as long as you make sure you purchase it from the right source, meaning a source you can trust has the good quality formulation, then you can be sure it will work for you when and if you should ever need it.

Think about it. It can buy precious time to get to an emergency room to get other help, lower infection risks and decrease the chances of complications due to serious bleeding externally and internally.

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Is Yunnan Baiyao Useful For Dogs Who Are Suffering From Specific Forms Of Cancer?

I’ve had my golden retriever for several years now and she’s one of the friendliest, gentlest dogs you could ever hope to meet. She can be a handful at times, which is why in certain instances she can end up getting wounded.

There was a specific time she got into a play fight with a type of dog you shouldn’t be play fighting with, a pit-bull. She was bitten pretty badly and the bleeding was serious. It wouldn’t stop, so I tried out a solution I had gotten recommended to me a while back called Yunnan Baiyao.

When I used Yunnan Baiyao on my golden retrievers bite wounds it works just as it was described, but this got me to thinking about other potential uses for the treatment and I was going to get the chance to learn more in the near future.

Why? Well my beloved golden retriever ended up getting tested and it came back that she had a certain form of cancer. No one likes hearing the C word mentioned, and it was devastating. I didn’t know what my options were, but I did know that I were prepared to do whatever it took in order to help my dog fight through it.

Our vet told us that my dog suffered from a form of cancer that is linked to instances of heavy internal bleeding, internal hemangiosarcomas. These are a form of tumors that happen within the linings of dogs blood vessels. Due to this it can cause serious internal bleeding.

It doesn’t stop there though, because I were told that we would have to use chemotherapy medications on the dog in order to help. The issue I found with these is that they increase the likelihood of internal bleeding due to increased instances of ruptured tumors.

If this happens a dogs like is certainly immediately at risk and they can die. So the first thought that came to my head was “would this Yunnan Baiyao treatment work in order to protect my dog in these instances”?

I learned that not only can it help, but it would work better than probably any other form of treatment we could have on hand should something happen with our dog due to its cancer.

There was one issue though. First, we didn’t want to wait for something bad to happen in order to provide this treatment to our dog. We would prefer to use it as a preventative measure altogether if possible. Second, we weren’t being met with optimism by the vet we originally went to.

The vet told me that the treatment is unproven and that we shouldn’t give our dog anything that they personally didn’t approve of. I were told that there might be the potential for side effects and it could hurt our dogs chances at fully fighting off the cancer they were suffering from. Fair enough. I wanted a second opinion though.

I had to find a vet that was known to be open to alternative forms of treatment for animal illnesses and cancers. This wasn’t about whether or not to give our dog the recommended treatment, but about whether or not we could use Yunnan Baiyao effectively to control the risk of internal bleeding.

This vet had indeed heard of Yunnan Baiyao and knew its effects. What we needed was the right type of instructions in order to use it properly. Internal bleeding risks was the biggest thing we wanted to control and Yunnan Baiyao would help us do that.

The different vet told me that we could provide the treatment on a steady basis, but we would have to mix it up as to not use it daily. The amount we gave to our dog would also be based on their weight. Our golden retriever is fairly large. We would also need to make sure that we looked for signs of the dog suffering side effects from the use of it, which usually come in the form of stomach problems or liver problems.

I decided to switch to the new vet altogether and work with getting the needed cancer treatment for my dog through them and their networks. This way there would be no confusion, we could bring the dog in for a consultation and work with them in order to ensure the cancer treatment, related drugs and the use of Yunnan Baiyao could all work in sync as to keep risk of complications down.

Why do I tell you all of this? Well I know that like me the people who own dogs cherish them, look at them as members of the family. If your dog ended up getting diagnosed with a form of cancer that put them at high risk of internal bleeding problems, then wouldn’t you want to have a safe, Chinese based remedy that could help them fast and potentially save their life?

This is what Yunnan Baiyao offers, but finding a vet that’s open to its use might be an issue. It’s worth it though if you can find one that makes it clear that their open to alternative treatment methods.

Before I go, anyone who might be concerned that their dog could potentially have cancer should look for the following signs:

• Abnormal bleeding
• Lumps or signs of swelling
• Enlarged lymph nodes
• Wounds that don’t heal

If your dog does unfortunately have cancer and it’s a form that increases the risk of some form of internal bleeding, then Yunnan Baiyao is certainly a treatment you want to have access to. You don’t want it dismissed by a vet who wants to stick only to conventional treatment methods that are not only more expensive, but open to the door to complications due to more severe side effects.

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Yunnan Baiyao for Horses


Yunnan Baiyao is also a remedy to EIPH or Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage in horse other than its known benefits in the treatment course of cancer in dogs. EIPH is a disorder resulting to blood filling the lung airways after an exhausting activity. To halt this condition in horses, these measures could be done:

– Give the horse 1 bottle (powder) in the morning and another one at night, a day prior to the race– save the red pills or safety pills for later use.

– Give the 3rd dose of powder in the morning of the race. Save the red pill.

– The final (4th) dose should be mixed with the injection of Lasix prior to the commencement of the race. Then give the four red pills.

In cases of serious external wounds, the powder form of this drug can be rubbed on the affected area by mixing it with a liquid, such as alcohol or wine. This should be secured with a snug bandage to prevent bleeding and promote wound healing. Horses are huge animals, so extra powder is required compared to treating wounds in humans. Thus, it is highly advisable to purchase in bulk for extra savings.

It is important that you speak to the vet regarding the symptoms that you wish to be treated using Yunnan Baiyao. Though this medicine is extremely effective in dogs, there are cases when combining it with another medicine works best or the other way around.

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Yunnan Baiyao for Dog Cancer

In USA, the major application of Yunnan Baiyao is for the treatment of cancer – in DOGS. No, you are not reading the wrong page.

A substantial number of our canine friends suffer from cancers that are related with bleeding – one common example is hemagiosarcomas. And the worst thing is, treating cancer in dogs with treatments, like chemotherapy could further increase the predisposition for bleeding. Hence, it would be nice to have a supplement, like in capsule form that can be taken by our furry friends to aid the body in preventing bleeding.

This may be lacking in the Western veterinary practice. Fortunately, there is a traditional medicine called Yunnan Baiyao, a very poplar remedy in China. The drug is known to work in this regard by triggering the platelets, which is a blood component that plays a key role in blood clotting. These clots are necessary in the formation of scab that works by plugging open wounds; thereby halting bleeding. There are also studies that have revealed that the drug taken orally could reduce bleeding in the liver of animals.

Bleeding Cancer and Tumors

Unfortunately, the most ordinary form of cancer in dogs is the bleeding type or hemangiosarcoma – tumor in the spleen and heart. But what is cancer after all? Cancer is simply a cell present in the body that is reproducing at a faster rate than the normal division rate. Plus, the older cells that are exists in the cancerous part are not disappearing like they supposed to. This is the main reason why cancer tumors spread and grow in a fast manner. The normal thing is most body cells constantly die and being replaced. In cancer, these cells do not die and yet; keep replicating.

Hemangiosarcoma is very common in dogs and modern treatments are very limited to chemotherapy and surgery. This disease hits the blood vessels leading to bleeding until death. Luckily, Yunnan Baiyao offers the same beneficial effects that it has provided to the Vietnam soldiers more than a hundred years ago.

The Right Dosage

Yunnan Baiyao for cancer in treatment in dogs is generally calculated depending on the dog’s weight. The right dosage promotes proper healing, so here is a guide on how you should administer the drug:

– For dogs below 10 lbs, administer 1 250 mg capsule once a day.

– For dogs weighing 10-30 lbs, administer 1 250 mg capsule twice a day.

– For dogs weighing more than 30 lbs and below 60 lbs, administer 2 250 mg capsules twice a day.

– For dogs weighing more than 60 lbs, administer 2 250mg capsules thrice a day.

It is vital not to administer the medicine on a continuing basis. Ideally, it should be given every other day or at least adhere to a cycle, such as a 3-day on, 3-day off cycle that recurs. When given daily over a prolonged period, the drug may cause an elevation in liver markers.

Tip: Yunnan Baiyao may be used topically in dogs. Just open a 250mg capsule, and then sprinkle the powder or grain-like substance inside right to the wound. The dosage is 1 250mg capsule every 22 lbs.

Example: Two 250 mg capsules to be given twice a day are recommended if your dog has a weight of 40 lbs. While one 250 mg opened capsule is enough on a superficial wound, sprinkled once a day.

Other Functions

Apart from preventing bleeding in case of bleeding tumors, Yunnan Baiyao has broader functions, such as what follows:

– Destroy and get rid of the cancer cells

– Eliminate the toxins that the cancer cells produce

– Slow the reproduction of cancer cells

– Weaken cancer cells making it easy for the immune system to target them

– Alter and fuel up the immune system

– Manage secondary symptoms, such as infection, bleeding, loss of appetite and pain

Side Effects

Severe side effects are not to be expected in using the drug. Liver problems are possible, but these tend to be mild. Stomach upset is also a possible side-effect. Yet, dogs with an existing liver disease may experience more concerns when using this medicine.

Overdose related to the use of this drug could cause symptoms like that of aconitine poisoning, such as diarrhea, vomiting, pain and momentary paralysis. In you believe your dog has consumed more than the required dose, call the veterinary doctor or the hotline for poison control right away.

Safety Measures

Extreme caution must be taken prior to administering the drug to your dog, so try to do the following:

– Talk to the veterinary doctor prior to using the medicine, as other substances may be necessary in conjunction with the herb to treat your dog adequately.

– When speaking with the vet, mention all vital information like: drug ingredients, other drugs your dog is taking and other existing health conditions.

– Administer Yunnan Baiyao 3 hours after meals, but not in a totally empty stomach, such as after waking up in the morning.

– Keep away from over using the medicine since potency may become affected over time especially when used daily over an extended period.

– Expect the likelihood that your dog will experience stomach upset.

– Do not give the drug to pregnant and nursing dogs.

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The Red Pill Of Yunnan Baiyao

A red pill comes with every package of Yunnan Baiyao, whether in powder or capsule form. You may be wondering now, what is the red pill for, right? Well, this tiny red pill is intended for severe emergency cases – extreme blood loss that can predispose a person into shock, which is fatal. The red pill is the concentrated form of the drug known in China as “Baoxianzi”, which literally mean “pill for emergency or serious case” and has been proven to save thousands of lives during the times of war.

This pill must be taken only in the most extreme cases especially when there is loss of consciousness and massive volume of blood. For instance, conditions like gunshot wounds with severe bleeding and persistent uterine bleeding permits the usage of the red pill unless there are known problems with blood coagulation and other risk factors.

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Stop and Prevent Bleeding with Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is a legend in China for its reputation for impeding bleeding and providing relief to a range of conditions, such as pain, swelling and infection. The drug has been known and proven for its powerful effects – no wonder a lot of people make use of this traditional medicine to cure their disorders.

External Wounds

Knife wounds, gun shots, sports and traumatic injuries and other forms of harm that results to bleeding can be treated with the drug. The powder form is most ideal in open wounds and all you need to do is to sprinkle it direct to the wound, apply a bit of pressure and see the injured area improving fast. The mechanism is to hold the edges of the wound together, assisting in faster healing.

Tip: The powder form can be mixed with alcohol, wine or petroleum jelly to come up with a paste. It can also be secured in place using gauze or a plaster.

Analgesic plasters can also be used in external injuries aside from the powder form. This makes Yunnan Baiyao medicine an essential component of first aid kits at home and other facilities as it can be highly beneficial, especially in emergency situations.

Internal Wounds

The capsule preparation is suitable for internal injury or wounds. This formulation offers a more fitting way of taking the drug. Some of the recommended usages include gastrointestinal bleeding – stomach ulcer, colitis and cancer as well as bleeding in the respiratory system as present in conditions like lung cancer, tuberculosis, nosebleeds etc.

It is also claimed that the drug helps promote normal circulation of blood. In addition, individuals suffering from menstrual disorders like painful menstruation, excessive menstruation, irregular or the lack of menstruation could benefit from this miracle drug. When taking the drug internally, best effects can be achieved when taken with wine when treating blood stasis, and drink it with warm water when treating hemorrhage.

Mechanism of Action

How does the drug help in stopping or preventing bleeding?

There have been various clinical researches regarding Yunnan Baiyao to support the effects of the drug with reliable clinical evidences. Essentially, the effect of this drug is “hemostatic”, increased blood flow in response to active bleeding. It is also revealed that Yunnan Baiyao shortens the clotting and bleeding time along with other mechanisms, such as improved peripheral vasoconstriction and platelet membranes permeability.

All these lead to averted or reduced bleeding among other functions, such as dispersed swelling, blood stasis and heat, pain relief as well as flushing out of toxins.

Surgical Applications

Basically, this medicine is not only homeostatic, but anti-bacterial as well. Aside from its usefulness, as in preventing bleeding in wounds, it also significantly halts the development of infection. Cuts, wounds and other injuries that necessitate stitches can be sealed faster with correct usage.

Recent studies conducted by the Peking University in China verified that Yunnan Baiyao has valuable contributions in the field of surgical medicine. The research revealed that the administration of the drug several days before surgery could reduce bleeding during and after the surgery by as more than 30% respectively. When given days after surgery, the drug could remarkably reduce swelling.

In the studies, no allergic reactions took place and there were no incidents of clot formation outside the site of surgery. An example is a study involving patients that are to undergo TURP or trans-urethral resection of the prostate. Researches proved the hemostatic ability of the chief ingredient “notoginseng” by performing a comparison of the actual Yunnan Baiyao to a placebo drug.

Half of the subjects were given placebo 3 days before the surgery while the other half took the real Yunnan Baiyao. During and post surgery, those who have taken the drug have shown less bleeding and inflammation than the subjects who took the placebo drug. This reflects that this medicine has a positive effect in terms of preventing bleeding and can be relied on in times of medical emergencies.

The ability of Yunnan Baiyao to prevent and stop bleeding has stirred the attention and interest of Western practitioners. There seem no questions about this – the drug is affordable, convenient, quite effective and safe to use.

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What is Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao, also known as “Yunnan Paiyao”, which literally means white herbal medicine, is originally from the province of Yunnan – it is among the most popular patent preparation in China. It has a notorious reputation for its ability to halt bleeding caused by ailments and injury. This has been tried in various conditions and yielded successful results.

Interestingly, it is not only used today in stopping or preventing bleeding as its potential in treating a few medical conditions is well-recognized in modern healthcare settings. Various preparations are available and can be applied topically or taken internally.


Yunnan Baiyao was discovered by a Chinese physician named Qu Huanzhang in the 1916. However, wide scale production of this drug began in 1956 at a factory in Yunnan Paiyao – the operations got bigger a decade after. During the 1970’s, there was a reported usage of the drug by Vietnamese soldiers. The U.S. military observed that these soldiers carry a small powder-filled bottle around their necks. Later, it was revealed that the product inside the bottle is used in the event the soldiers are injured, whether by knife or gun shot. The first clinical research about the drug started in the early part of the 1980’s.

The product has stirred the interests of doctors all over China and various health research facilities as shown by tons of reviews and research articles – they appear in the Chinese Medical Bulletin, Materia Medical and The Traditional Chinese Journal in Yunnan. Up to present, the use of Yunnan Baiyao continues and several preparations and easy to apply forms are available for purchase.

What Are the Ingredients

The formula for this drug is a result of several years of research and experimentation. Though the complete list of components remains a mystery, the main known ingredients include the following:

– Sanqi

Sanqi is from the roots of panax Notoginseng or Tienchi ginseng, which is a specie known for the highest level of homeostatic or anti-bleeding properties.

– Rhizoma Dioscoreae

This is a type of herb in China, also called as yam, which is known to have the same anti-hemorrhagic property as Sanqi.

– Borneol

Apart from contributing to its taste and aroma, borneol is essential in controlling pain, eliminating swelling and moving blood for faster healing of wounds. This ingredient is said to come from the herb called “Blumea” Balsamifera”, which is native in the Yunnan province.

– Musk or muscone

Traditionally, musk was used derived from a musk deer’s sexual secretion. But this was replaced by muscone, which is readily available. This component aids in revitalizing and promoting circulation as well as relieving pain.

– Tiny plant fibers

Promotes platelet aggregation, which is essential in the closing and healing of wounds and alleviating bleeding.

It was in late 2010 that a list of the active ingredients was published online, specifically on FDA and Amazon websites. However, the exact manufacturing procedure and the proportions of the ingredients remain unknown.

Overall, more than 20 compounds are present in this product and majority of these can constrict tissues in the body to hasten wound healing. Several of these are steroid progesterone, alkaloids, saponins, calcium phosphate etc. The exact formula for Yunnan Baiyao is a top secret by the government of China though fundamental formulation information can be seen on every package.

Common Usages

The drug has the right to be referred to as a “miracle drug” since it can be used in different forms to treat many medical conditions, such as what follows:


Yunnan Baiyao relieves pain by facilitating blood flow and delivering oxygen to the site of injury, contrary to the action of conventional medications for pain, which work by freezing the brain receptors for pain.

– Inflammation and swelling, particularly in the throat area

– Gastric ulcers and stomach pains

– Oozing sores and infections as it aids in washing out the toxins

– Rashes, brought by poison Oak or Poison Ivy

– Bone and joint pain/stiffness

– Irregular/lacking menstruation, uterine bleeding

– Blood in stool and urine

– Hemangiosarcoma, bleeding tumors in animals, such as cats, dogs and horses

– The toothpaste form helps in preventing the gums from bleeding

– Traumatic bleeding

– Gunshot and knife wounds

Essentially, Yunnan Baiyao has extensive applications and some of these will be detailed in the following chapters.

Length of Treatment

Generally, the drug should only be used for a period of 2 to 4 days. But then, several applications may require additional days of management. Ideally, the treatment time should not exceed 15 days. In situations where the disorder being treated does not improve within the given timeframe, seeking another remedy or better yet, consulting the doctor is advised.

Are There Side Effects

Up to date, there are no identified side effects related to the use of Yunnan Baiyao, so long as it is taken as advised. But then, it is not recommended to take it longer than 2 weeks. Taking the drug may cause weakness over a certain period. If required, supplement it with tonic prescription like neutral ginsengs and mushroom extracts.

Safety Measures

Though side effects and adverse reactions to the product are not likely, these precautions will further help in preventing unwanted effects:

– There are individuals who may be allergic to one or few of its components. Thus, it is highly advised to withdraw from using the drug in case allergy reactions take place. Borneal may be the cause of mild allergic reactions to the drug, but such reactions may happen in a very minute proportion of the population.

– Ensure that the necessary steps to put off infected are performed when applying Yunnan Baiyao to an open injury or wound. It is possible that bacteria may become locked in the area when the powder and blood dries up. On the other hand, hot foods like chicken and goat meat as well as alcohol are indicated to promote healing.

– If the drug upsets your stomach or makes you feel dizzy, take it together with warm soup.

– It is not advisable to go beyond the dosage of 2 grams per day for adults. Also, do not take a single dose of 2 grams. It is always best to read the instructions for administration or consult with a medical practitioner especially if the drug is intended for children and infants.

– The manufacturer of the drug informs that the effects of the medicine will be lessened if the person takes the following food within a day of taking the capsule form: cold and sour foods, fish, lamb, beef and beans.

– Be cautious when swallowing the drug in its loose powder form as it may cause congestion and choking.

– The drug should not be used by pregnant women.

– The “red pill” must not be taken for more than once a day since too much of this pill could lead to unnecessary bleeding.

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Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs

Yunnan Baiyao is a Chinese medicine that can be used in order to help treat people or animals such as dogs. The main benefit it offers is it helps to stop bleeding from serious wounds, some of which would be life threatening otherwise. It can be used internally, meaning it can be ingested, but in the case of a serious wound the contents can be applied directly to a wound in order to stop bleeding. You can imagine the many different applications for this. The use of it as a primary tool to have in a first aid kit for men/women during military service for example would be one of them.

These days though one of the primary discussions is about Yunnan Baiyao use for dogs. People really care about their dogs and consider them to be a part of the family. As you know dogs aren’t able to use a lot of the medication treatments that people might use for certain conditions. As a result when a dog suffers from something, such as various forms of cancer, then they’ll be limited to risky treatment procedures that can leave them feeling depleted. Yunnan Baiyao is something that can prove an effective alternative for dogs in this regard.

Yes, its contents are able to be used in order to help with the direct treatment of serious wounds to stop bleeding just like with people. However, use of it to treat certain conditions in dogs has to be looked at. Before we get into this though we want to go into the varying benefits it provides to people. Chinese people have long since known about the medicinal benefits of Yunnan Baiyao, but Americans are just beginning to learn and they are shocked by what their learning.

The primary reasons why Americans like to use Yunnan Baiyao

One of the primary reasons why Americans like to use this treatment is because in comparison to prescription medications they’d use otherwise its pretty cheap. Think about it, the cost of prescription medications in the US that can provide anywhere near the benefits of Yunnan Baiyao are very expensive. Even in the case of using generic options the cost can still be pretty high. So you might think the better option would be to use over the counter options than right? Well Americans have access to several over the counter options, but these don’t seem to offer the same effectiveness either.

Let’s not forget that Americans now more than ever are looking into ways to get access to less risky medicines. Herbal based remedies or at least those that come with an herbal component are more preferred, especially if they prove to work. Yunnan Baiyao meets all of these criteria and when you add a low overall cost to the equation it makes things a no brainer.

The status of Yunnan Baiyao in the USA

Here’s the issue with this treatment and others like it, whenever something works, then chances are people are going to start using it right? The more well known it becomes the more people will demand it. Now the fairly low price of this Chinese medicine is an issue in this regard. We mentioned the prescription drug industry earlier and they are one of the primary issues in this regard.

American prescription drugs are a multi-billion dollar business. The purpose is to maximize profits and this is done by over charging for even the lightest of prescription drugs (drugs that are used for minor problems or conditions). So when a herbal based treatment such as Yunnan Baiyao comes into the market offering people a less expensive way to effectively solve a serious issue what do you think is going to happen?

It’s going to get met with resistance from the prescription drug industry. These companies spend countless amount of money on advertising in order to let people know about their drugs. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent. You don’t really see Yunnan Baiyao advertised during American Football games do you? Yet the treatment is popular and gaining more in popularity. It has to be controlled in this case, heavily regulated, scrutinized for what’s inside of it, tested, etc. All of this is designed to create barriers to access for Americans.

The FDA is also compliant to a certain degree, although they haven’t weighed in yet, if they face enough pressure from the major drug companies they can create real problems for Americans wanting to access the treatment. The main attacks regarding Yunnan Baiyao in America have been centered on the lack of long term research and clinical trials in order to validate how well it works. There are issues regarding whether or not usage comes with the risk of adverse effects. There are even attacks against some of the ingredients inside of it, with opposition stating they can’t be trusted or might be potentially toxic.

With all of this being the case it can’t be said that access to this Chinese medicine will be easy for Americans moving forward. However, for now it can still be accessed relatively easy.

Now what specific diseases or conditions can Yunnan Baiyao be used for with dogs?

Getting back to usage of this treatment for dogs now, people want to know exactly how it is going to be used in order to help. Well first we have to look at one main thing, and this is making sure you’re dog has a condition that qualifies for usage. As mentioned earlier, the contents of the medicine can be used to treat wounds with dogs the same way it would be used to help people. However, for other conditions things are different.

The main diseases a dog could use this medicine for are specific cancers. Here’s a short list:

Cancers such as hemangiosarcoma of the liver, spleen or heart in dogs

As far as spleen cancer is concerned in dogs, the probability of a dog developing it is higher with dogs that are larger. The condition is known to be on the aggressive side and the tumors are malignant. On top of larger dogs having a higher chance of getting it, the odds go up with the age of the dog. Middle ages larger dogs are at the highest risk. Dogs that get spleen cancer are at high risk, because when the tumors rupture this can lead to serious internal bleeding and it can prove fatal. In some instances it can lead to instant death.

Yunnan Baiyao to help with spleen cancer for dogs is typically used orally. The medicine has a strong record of helping with bleeding injuries in terms of curing them successfully. When a dog needs surgery due to having spleen cancer, some veterinarians will actually recommend using this medicine before surgery in order to control serious bleeding. In this case the medicine also can prove useful in helping a dog to make a fast recovery following surgery.

Bleeding bladder tumors in dogs

Bleeding bladder tumors in dogs consists of cells that line the organ responsible for collecting urine (the bladder) excreted by means of the kidneys. The condition itself is rather rare, but one very common form of this cancer would be transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).

Dogs that have a high risk of getting bleeding bladder tumors are usually those that have a diet that’s high in fats as well as carcinogenic substances. If your dog is overweight then they have a higher likelihood of developing bladder tumors. Female dogs are at higher risk overall. These tumors have the highest chance of occurring when a dog is around 5, but are more likely with dogs that are around senior age. This would be about 8 years old.

Yunnan Baiyao isn’t always the go to medicine for dogs with certain diseases or people who have certain conditions. Once again this is because even in the age of the internet and access to information at the push of a button, there are doctors and veterinarians who don’t know enough about this treatment in order to use it. Not only this, but doctors and veterinarians will usually have an idea of the specific treatment they want to use due to past experience using them. In this case they will be rarely open to the idea of using something else.

Using something such as Yunnan Baiyao for doctors and vets is a risky proposition, because they would need to gather more information about it. This will come in the form of asking around to other professionals in their field to learn about it or taking a lot of time to research it on their own. People can access the treatment on their own, but in the case of using it for serious problems that can lead to internal bleeding access to a doctor is preferred or a vet in the case of a dog.

Earlier we spoke about the status of this Chinese medicine in the US and why it’s difficult for a treatment like this to become really mainstream. The reason once again is the low overall cost on top of not having enough research to qualify it as being safe. One thing is for certain already, whatever risks that do exist with the use of this medicine are minimal compared to the risk of using prescription drugs. Prescription drugs not only come with an increased risk of serious side effects, but they can interact with other drugs someone might be using.

As mentioned before, dogs don’t have the same options in terms of treatments and the risks they face due to internal bleeding caused by certain conditions is serious. Yunnan Baiyao can be the number one medicine for controlling this risk. In fact it’s probably more likely that a veterinarian has heard about it over a regular doctor that treats people. Plus it can be said that a vet doesn’t have the same incentive to use prescription drugs than a regular doctor would.

All in all Yunnan Baiyao is very effective and it should certainly be something every person has in their first aid toolkit. As far as using it with dogs there is more required, but it has been shown to work for external bleeding and internal bleeding problems. As the medicine gains more in popularity it will face more opposition though, especially in America where major drug companies have a vested stake in keeping access to such low cost options restricted.

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8 Ingredients Of Yunnan Baiyao Capsules

What are some of the ingredients or the list of core ingredients inside of Yunnan Baiyao?

When it comes to the list of core ingredients inside the Yunnan Baiyao capsule no one is for certain. It’s going to really depend on where the treatment is purchased. In China the ingredients of Yunnan Baiyao are heavily protected and guarded. The issue is that when importing to a place like the USA the FDA requires that a core list of ingredients is listed. This is so that consumers have a chance to research the ingredients themselves and see if these are something they feel comfortable putting into their bodies.

Following is a list of core ingredients, but remember this is going to be dependent on where you purchase it. The ingredients can be different or there can even be more included which may or may not prove beneficial to the user.

  1. Notoginseng    田七        200 mg*
  2. Ajuga Forrestii Diels        散瘀草    85 mg*
  3. Rhizoma Dioscoreae        淮山药    66.5 mg*
  4. Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae    穿山龙    57.5 mg*
  5. Herba Geranii & Herba Erodii 老鹤草    36 mg*
  6. Dioscoreae Parviflora Ting      苦良姜    30 mg*
  7. Herba Inulae Cappae       白牛胆    25 mg*
  8. borneol 冰片


Notoginseng Flower
Yunnan Baiyao use the Notoginseng root

Notoginseng is a plant. The leaves, fruit, and flowers are used to make medicine. However, the root is used the most commonly. Be careful not to confuse Notoginseng with other forms of ginseng, such as Panax ginseng, or American ginseng.

Notoginseng is used to stop or slow down bleeding. It is sometimes taken by people who have nosebleeds, vomit up or cough up blood, or find blood in their urine or feces.

Notoginseng is also used to relieve pain; and to reduce swelling and blood pressure. It is also used for chest pain (angina), strokes and bleeding in the brain, build-up of fat in the blood vessels, heart attacks, and some kinds of liver disease. It is also used to improve energy and ability to exercise, to reduce muscle soreness following exercise, and for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Some people apply Notoginseng directly to the skin to stop bleeding, help with bruising or swelling, and to improve blood movement in the muscles.

Boea Clarkean 散瘀草    85 mg*

[Other names] Boea Clarkean; Ajuga pantantha;

Boea Clarkean

Boea Clarkean is used as antipyretic, hemostatic and antioncotic, to remove blood stasis, for the treatment of chronic infantile convulsions, externally for traumatic injury and bleeding.

Frankly speaking, Boea Clarkean has a bitter taste. But it has excellent anti-inflammatory effect, and it is considered as a traditional Chinese medicine that can detoxify and detumescence. There are many kinds of natural anti-inflammatory and bactericidal ingredients in Boea Clarkean. It can relieve pain and kill bacteria, prevent ulceration and accelerate wound healing.

It can accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of endotoxin in human body, and quickly alleviate human swelling and pain. When people have boils, mastitis and mumps and other diseases, Boea Clarkean can be directly sprayed on the outer surface of the skin after crushing.

Chinese Yam    淮山药    66.5 mg*

Researches have showed that Chinese yam can affect the sugar metabolism, regulate immune functions, anti-aging, and promote the digestive functions of stomach and intestines.

Chinese yam contains allantoin, a natural compound that can accelerate the growth of healthy tissue and reduce healing time. Topically, Chinese yam can be applied to ulcers, boils, and abscesses on the skin for treatment. Its leaf juices can also treat scorpion stings and snakebites.

The diosgenin in its roots is a phytoestrogen, a natural, plant-based estrogen. When processed in a lab, diosgenin can be used to manufacture progesterone, although in its original form, Chinese yam doesn’t contain progesterone or other human hormones.

Chinese yam and other wild yam extracts are often promoted to women as a natural alternative to postmenopausal hormone therapy. However, there is no scientific evidence to support claims regarding its safety or effectiveness.

Please Note : Chinse yam can subside a swelling when used externally.

Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae

1, Promoting blood circulation and dredging collaterals:

Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae can treat neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain such as fall injury, osteoarthritis, sciatica, disc herniation, cervical spondylosis of shoulder periarthritis, etc. Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae has the effect of activating blood circulation, anti-inflammation and dredging collaterals. It is a good treatment for carbuncle and swelling.

2, Against Rheumatism

Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae is effective for rheumatism pain, rheumatism arthralgia, muscle numbness, Kashin-Beck disease, rheumatoid arthritis.

3, Anti-inflammation and cough relief:

It is effective in treating cough and phlegm caused by bronchitis, cor pulmonale, emphysema and other lung diseases. Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae can play an anti-inflammatory and cough-relieving role, for the emergence of pulmonary diseases have a regulatory role and effect.

4, Promoting digestion

Rhizoma Dioscoreae Nipponicae has good effect on digestion and accumulation of indigestion, diarrhea, hiccups, nausea and vomiting, and stomach distention.

Herba Geranii & Herba Erodii 老鹤草    36 mg*

Cranesbill 老鹤草  36 mg*

Cranesbill is mainly used to treat rheumatism, promote blood circulation and dredge collaterals. It is often used for rheumatism pain, rheumatic paralysis, numbness of limbs and injury caused by falling. It can be taken internally or used externally.

It’s also a very good antibiotic drug that can inhibit many kinds of pathogens, including Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus B, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Catarrhal coccus and influenza A.

Cranesbill has some other effects such as antidiarrh, anticancer.

Inula Copp       白牛胆    25 mg*

Inula Copp is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine which can dispel wind, remove dampness, relieve swelling. Inula Copp is mainly produced in Jiangxi, Guizhou and Yunnan provinces in China. Inula Copp is an excellent medicine for human dysentery and hepatitis, epigastric and abdominal pain, vomiting, hiccup or diarrhea


Borneol is obtained by distillation and recrystallization of the stems and leaves of the Asteraceae or the Lauraceae camphor tree. It can be used for dizziness, eye swelling, throat sore, and ulceration, etc.

Remember the above list of ingredients is primarily for Yunnan Baiyao products important into the United States. The ingredients list might be different in other places, particularly though where the laws are different.