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Stop and Prevent Bleeding with Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is a legend in China for its reputation for impeding bleeding and providing relief to a range of conditions, such as pain, swelling and infection. The drug has been known and proven for its powerful effects – no wonder a lot of people make use of this traditional medicine to cure their disorders.

External Wounds

Knife wounds, gun shots, sports and traumatic injuries and other forms of harm that results to bleeding can be treated with the drug. The powder form is most ideal in open wounds and all you need to do is to sprinkle it direct to the wound, apply a bit of pressure and see the injured area improving fast. The mechanism is to hold the edges of the wound together, assisting in faster healing.

Tip: The powder form can be mixed with alcohol, wine or petroleum jelly to come up with a paste. It can also be secured in place using gauze or a plaster.

Analgesic plasters can also be used in external injuries aside from the powder form. This makes Yunnan Baiyao medicine an essential component of first aid kits at home and other facilities as it can be highly beneficial, especially in emergency situations.

Internal Wounds

The capsule preparation is suitable for internal injury or wounds. This formulation offers a more fitting way of taking the drug. Some of the recommended usages include gastrointestinal bleeding – stomach ulcer, colitis and cancer as well as bleeding in the respiratory system as present in conditions like lung cancer, tuberculosis, nosebleeds etc.

It is also claimed that the drug helps promote normal circulation of blood. In addition, individuals suffering from menstrual disorders like painful menstruation, excessive menstruation, irregular or the lack of menstruation could benefit from this miracle drug. When taking the drug internally, best effects can be achieved when taken with wine when treating blood stasis, and drink it with warm water when treating hemorrhage.

Mechanism of Action

How does the drug help in stopping or preventing bleeding?

There have been various clinical researches regarding Yunnan Baiyao to support the effects of the drug with reliable clinical evidences. Essentially, the effect of this drug is “hemostatic”, increased blood flow in response to active bleeding. It is also revealed that Yunnan Baiyao shortens the clotting and bleeding time along with other mechanisms, such as improved peripheral vasoconstriction and platelet membranes permeability.

All these lead to averted or reduced bleeding among other functions, such as dispersed swelling, blood stasis and heat, pain relief as well as flushing out of toxins.

Surgical Applications

Basically, this medicine is not only homeostatic, but anti-bacterial as well. Aside from its usefulness, as in preventing bleeding in wounds, it also significantly halts the development of infection. Cuts, wounds and other injuries that necessitate stitches can be sealed faster with correct usage.

Recent studies conducted by the Peking University in China verified that Yunnan Baiyao has valuable contributions in the field of surgical medicine. The research revealed that the administration of the drug several days before surgery could reduce bleeding during and after the surgery by as more than 30% respectively. When given days after surgery, the drug could remarkably reduce swelling.

In the studies, no allergic reactions took place and there were no incidents of clot formation outside the site of surgery. An example is a study involving patients that are to undergo TURP or trans-urethral resection of the prostate. Researches proved the hemostatic ability of the chief ingredient “notoginseng” by performing a comparison of the actual Yunnan Baiyao to a placebo drug.

Half of the subjects were given placebo 3 days before the surgery while the other half took the real Yunnan Baiyao. During and post surgery, those who have taken the drug have shown less bleeding and inflammation than the subjects who took the placebo drug. This reflects that this medicine has a positive effect in terms of preventing bleeding and can be relied on in times of medical emergencies.

The ability of Yunnan Baiyao to prevent and stop bleeding has stirred the attention and interest of Western practitioners. There seem no questions about this – the drug is affordable, convenient, quite effective and safe to use.

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  1. Can a person who has Von Willobrand ( Blood disorder)take this safely and effectively?
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