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Is Yunnan Baiyao Useful For Dogs Who Are Suffering From Specific Forms Of Cancer?

I’ve had my golden retriever for several years now and she’s one of the friendliest, gentlest dogs you could ever hope to meet. She can be a handful at times, which is why in certain instances she can end up getting wounded.

There was a specific time she got into a play fight with a type of dog you shouldn’t be play fighting with, a pit-bull. She was bitten pretty badly and the bleeding was serious. It wouldn’t stop, so I tried out a solution I had gotten recommended to me a while back called Yunnan Baiyao.

When I used Yunnan Baiyao on my golden retrievers bite wounds it works just as it was described, but this got me to thinking about other potential uses for the treatment and I was going to get the chance to learn more in the near future.

Why? Well my beloved golden retriever ended up getting tested and it came back that she had a certain form of cancer. No one likes hearing the C word mentioned, and it was devastating. I didn’t know what my options were, but I did know that I were prepared to do whatever it took in order to help my dog fight through it.

Our vet told us that my dog suffered from a form of cancer that is linked to instances of heavy internal bleeding, internal hemangiosarcomas. These are a form of tumors that happen within the linings of dogs blood vessels. Due to this it can cause serious internal bleeding.

It doesn’t stop there though, because I were told that we would have to use chemotherapy medications on the dog in order to help. The issue I found with these is that they increase the likelihood of internal bleeding due to increased instances of ruptured tumors.

If this happens a dogs like is certainly immediately at risk and they can die. So the first thought that came to my head was “would this Yunnan Baiyao treatment work in order to protect my dog in these instances”?

I learned that not only can it help, but it would work better than probably any other form of treatment we could have on hand should something happen with our dog due to its cancer.

There was one issue though. First, we didn’t want to wait for something bad to happen in order to provide this treatment to our dog. We would prefer to use it as a preventative measure altogether if possible. Second, we weren’t being met with optimism by the vet we originally went to.

The vet told me that the treatment is unproven and that we shouldn’t give our dog anything that they personally didn’t approve of. I were told that there might be the potential for side effects and it could hurt our dogs chances at fully fighting off the cancer they were suffering from. Fair enough. I wanted a second opinion though.

I had to find a vet that was known to be open to alternative forms of treatment for animal illnesses and cancers. This wasn’t about whether or not to give our dog the recommended treatment, but about whether or not we could use Yunnan Baiyao effectively to control the risk of internal bleeding.

This vet had indeed heard of Yunnan Baiyao and knew its effects. What we needed was the right type of instructions in order to use it properly. Internal bleeding risks was the biggest thing we wanted to control and Yunnan Baiyao would help us do that.

The different vet told me that we could provide the treatment on a steady basis, but we would have to mix it up as to not use it daily. The amount we gave to our dog would also be based on their weight. Our golden retriever is fairly large. We would also need to make sure that we looked for signs of the dog suffering side effects from the use of it, which usually come in the form of stomach problems or liver problems.

I decided to switch to the new vet altogether and work with getting the needed cancer treatment for my dog through them and their networks. This way there would be no confusion, we could bring the dog in for a consultation and work with them in order to ensure the cancer treatment, related drugs and the use of Yunnan Baiyao could all work in sync as to keep risk of complications down.

Why do I tell you all of this? Well I know that like me the people who own dogs cherish them, look at them as members of the family. If your dog ended up getting diagnosed with a form of cancer that put them at high risk of internal bleeding problems, then wouldn’t you want to have a safe, Chinese based remedy that could help them fast and potentially save their life?

This is what Yunnan Baiyao offers, but finding a vet that’s open to its use might be an issue. It’s worth it though if you can find one that makes it clear that their open to alternative treatment methods.

Before I go, anyone who might be concerned that their dog could potentially have cancer should look for the following signs:

• Abnormal bleeding
• Lumps or signs of swelling
• Enlarged lymph nodes
• Wounds that don’t heal

If your dog does unfortunately have cancer and it’s a form that increases the risk of some form of internal bleeding, then Yunnan Baiyao is certainly a treatment you want to have access to. You don’t want it dismissed by a vet who wants to stick only to conventional treatment methods that are not only more expensive, but open to the door to complications due to more severe side effects.