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The Red Pill Of Yunnan Baiyao

A red pill comes with every package of Yunnan Baiyao, whether in powder or capsule form. You may be wondering now, what is the red pill for, right? Well, this tiny red pill is intended for severe emergency cases – extreme blood loss that can predispose a person into shock, which is fatal. The red pill is the concentrated form of the drug known in China as “Baoxianzi”, which literally mean “pill for emergency or serious case” and has been proven to save thousands of lives during the times of war.

This pill must be taken only in the most extreme cases especially when there is loss of consciousness and massive volume of blood. For instance, conditions like gunshot wounds with severe bleeding and persistent uterine bleeding permits the usage of the red pill unless there are known problems with blood coagulation and other risk factors.

9 thoughts on “The Red Pill Of Yunnan Baiyao

  1. Hi, thanks for posting. Would the red pill be suitable for post-surgery treatment? For example, knee ligament reconstruction?

    1. Red pill is for emergency case

  2. Is it possible to buy just the red pill in bulk to have on hand for emergencies?

    1. No, we can’t sell red pill separately

  3. How do I administer the red pill to my dog?
    At the same time with the other regular Yunnan Baiyao pills?
    Can I administer the red pill in the morning and the regular pills in the evening?

  4. Can someone share what is in the red pills? I see the others are .25 mg each, but i don’t see anything about what’s in the red one? Why is it so small if it’s such a bigger dosage?

  5. My vet prescribed 1 capsule twice a day for my 66lb dog who had her spleen removed 4 months ago.
    She is not eating and it is difficult to get even this low dose in. Would it be appropriate to give her the red pill?

    1. As It’s been 4 months now, there’s no need to use red pill at present. It’s very good to use it in emergencies

  6. If you think you dog is having an internal bleed & you give the red pill.
    When/ how long, is it safe to administer the red pill again if bleed continues or starts again?

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