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Yunnan Baiyao for Dog Cancer

In USA, the major application of Yunnan Baiyao is for the treatment of cancer – in DOGS. No, you are not reading the wrong page.

A substantial number of our canine friends suffer from cancers that are related with bleeding – one common example is hemagiosarcomas. And the worst thing is, treating cancer in dogs with treatments, like chemotherapy could further increase the predisposition for bleeding. Hence, it would be nice to have a supplement, like in capsule form that can be taken by our furry friends to aid the body in preventing bleeding.

This may be lacking in the Western veterinary practice. Fortunately, there is a traditional medicine called Yunnan Baiyao, a very poplar remedy in China. The drug is known to work in this regard by triggering the platelets, which is a blood component that plays a key role in blood clotting. These clots are necessary in the formation of scab that works by plugging open wounds; thereby halting bleeding. There are also studies that have revealed that the drug taken orally could reduce bleeding in the liver of animals.

Bleeding Cancer and Tumors

Unfortunately, the most ordinary form of cancer in dogs is the bleeding type or hemangiosarcoma – tumor in the spleen and heart. But what is cancer after all? Cancer is simply a cell present in the body that is reproducing at a faster rate than the normal division rate. Plus, the older cells that are exists in the cancerous part are not disappearing like they supposed to. This is the main reason why cancer tumors spread and grow in a fast manner. The normal thing is most body cells constantly die and being replaced. In cancer, these cells do not die and yet; keep replicating.

Hemangiosarcoma is very common in dogs and modern treatments are very limited to chemotherapy and surgery. This disease hits the blood vessels leading to bleeding until death. Luckily, Yunnan Baiyao offers the same beneficial effects that it has provided to the Vietnam soldiers more than a hundred years ago.

The Right Dosage

Yunnan Baiyao for cancer in treatment in dogs is generally calculated depending on the dog’s weight. The right dosage promotes proper healing, so here is a guide on how you should administer the drug:

– For dogs below 10 lbs, administer 1 250 mg capsule once a day.

– For dogs weighing 10-30 lbs, administer 1 250 mg capsule twice a day.

– For dogs weighing more than 30 lbs and below 60 lbs, administer 2 250 mg capsules twice a day.

– For dogs weighing more than 60 lbs, administer 2 250mg capsules thrice a day.

It is vital not to administer the medicine on a continuing basis. Ideally, it should be given every other day or at least adhere to a cycle, such as a 3-day on, 3-day off cycle that recurs. When given daily over a prolonged period, the drug may cause an elevation in liver markers.

Tip: Yunnan Baiyao may be used topically in dogs. Just open a 250mg capsule, and then sprinkle the powder or grain-like substance inside right to the wound. The dosage is 1 250mg capsule every 22 lbs.

Example: Two 250 mg capsules to be given twice a day are recommended if your dog has a weight of 40 lbs. While one 250 mg opened capsule is enough on a superficial wound, sprinkled once a day.

Other Functions

Apart from preventing bleeding in case of bleeding tumors, Yunnan Baiyao has broader functions, such as what follows:

– Destroy and get rid of the cancer cells

– Eliminate the toxins that the cancer cells produce

– Slow the reproduction of cancer cells

– Weaken cancer cells making it easy for the immune system to target them

– Alter and fuel up the immune system

– Manage secondary symptoms, such as infection, bleeding, loss of appetite and pain

Side Effects

Severe side effects are not to be expected in using the drug. Liver problems are possible, but these tend to be mild. Stomach upset is also a possible side-effect. Yet, dogs with an existing liver disease may experience more concerns when using this medicine.

Overdose related to the use of this drug could cause symptoms like that of aconitine poisoning, such as diarrhea, vomiting, pain and momentary paralysis. In you believe your dog has consumed more than the required dose, call the veterinary doctor or the hotline for poison control right away.

Safety Measures

Extreme caution must be taken prior to administering the drug to your dog, so try to do the following:

– Talk to the veterinary doctor prior to using the medicine, as other substances may be necessary in conjunction with the herb to treat your dog adequately.

– When speaking with the vet, mention all vital information like: drug ingredients, other drugs your dog is taking and other existing health conditions.

– Administer Yunnan Baiyao 3 hours after meals, but not in a totally empty stomach, such as after waking up in the morning.

– Keep away from over using the medicine since potency may become affected over time especially when used daily over an extended period.

– Expect the likelihood that your dog will experience stomach upset.

– Do not give the drug to pregnant and nursing dogs.

8 thoughts on “Yunnan Baiyao for Dog Cancer

  1. Can dogs eat fish while being treated with
    Yunnan baiyao?

    1. No problem

  2. Emergency vet gave us Yunnan Baiyo after an episode of a hemoabdomen (splenic tumor that burst – blood in her belly) and a hemangiosarcoma diagnosis last week.
    Can you give a 39 lb Australian Shepherd dog
    2 Yunnan Baiyao capsules twice a day? Can you give any more than that?
    She had another ultrasound 2 days ago – and the vet said she can start bleeding again any a time – and that it looks like a little could be starting to ooze. Other than sleeping a lot – she looks totally fine and is still eating, drinking, walking, etc.
    Can we give her the red emergency pill now – for to try and prevent the next bleed – OR – does it have to be when she starts full on episode/collapse/white gums/panting, etc.?
    Please advise – thank you SO much

    1. I think 2 yunnan baiao capsules twice a day is already enough for your dog. Personally, I don’t advise you give more than that.
      But you can hear the advice from your doctor.

      1. I was giving for internal bleeding. Just found that there is no active bleeding but now a liver tumor.
        Should I continue use to help with the liver?

  3. I have a 12 lb dog with a tumor on his spleen that has bled into his abdomen. I started him on Yunnan Baiyao three days ago and he seems perfectly happy and normal now. I’m afraid to stop the medicine even though it is recommended for 3 days on, 3 days off. Can I give pure San Qi (notoginseng) on the days off? Thank you.

  4. My Cockapoo is 16 years old. He was bleeding profusely from his left nostril. The bleeding comes and goes. The Vet told us to give Rocky 2 Yunnan Baiyao 2 times a day. His bleeding has stopped. My question is can this medication be used over and over again if the bleeding comes back?

    1. This product is used for humans in China for many years, so we really believe it is very safe for dogs.
      You can use for your Cockapoo when bleeding comes back, but I hope you don’t need to use it again.

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