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Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs

Yunnan Baiyao is a Chinese medicine that can be used in order to help treat people or animals such as dogs. The main benefit it offers is it helps to stop bleeding from serious wounds, some of which would be life threatening otherwise. It can be used internally, meaning it can be ingested, but in the case of a serious wound the contents can be applied directly to a wound in order to stop bleeding. You can imagine the many different applications for this. The use of it as a primary tool to have in a first aid kit for men/women during military service for example would be one of them.

These days though one of the primary discussions is about Yunnan Baiyao use for dogs. People really care about their dogs and consider them to be a part of the family. As you know dogs aren’t able to use a lot of the medication treatments that people might use for certain conditions. As a result when a dog suffers from something, such as various forms of cancer, then they’ll be limited to risky treatment procedures that can leave them feeling depleted. Yunnan Baiyao is something that can prove an effective alternative for dogs in this regard.

Yes, its contents are able to be used in order to help with the direct treatment of serious wounds to stop bleeding just like with people. However, use of it to treat certain conditions in dogs has to be looked at. Before we get into this though we want to go into the varying benefits it provides to people. Chinese people have long since known about the medicinal benefits of Yunnan Baiyao, but Americans are just beginning to learn and they are shocked by what their learning.

The primary reasons why Americans like to use Yunnan Baiyao

One of the primary reasons why Americans like to use this treatment is because in comparison to prescription medications they’d use otherwise its pretty cheap. Think about it, the cost of prescription medications in the US that can provide anywhere near the benefits of Yunnan Baiyao are very expensive. Even in the case of using generic options the cost can still be pretty high. So you might think the better option would be to use over the counter options than right? Well Americans have access to several over the counter options, but these don’t seem to offer the same effectiveness either.

Let’s not forget that Americans now more than ever are looking into ways to get access to less risky medicines. Herbal based remedies or at least those that come with an herbal component are more preferred, especially if they prove to work. Yunnan Baiyao meets all of these criteria and when you add a low overall cost to the equation it makes things a no brainer.

The status of Yunnan Baiyao in the USA

Here’s the issue with this treatment and others like it, whenever something works, then chances are people are going to start using it right? The more well known it becomes the more people will demand it. Now the fairly low price of this Chinese medicine is an issue in this regard. We mentioned the prescription drug industry earlier and they are one of the primary issues in this regard.

American prescription drugs are a multi-billion dollar business. The purpose is to maximize profits and this is done by over charging for even the lightest of prescription drugs (drugs that are used for minor problems or conditions). So when a herbal based treatment such as Yunnan Baiyao comes into the market offering people a less expensive way to effectively solve a serious issue what do you think is going to happen?

It’s going to get met with resistance from the prescription drug industry. These companies spend countless amount of money on advertising in order to let people know about their drugs. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent. You don’t really see Yunnan Baiyao advertised during American Football games do you? Yet the treatment is popular and gaining more in popularity. It has to be controlled in this case, heavily regulated, scrutinized for what’s inside of it, tested, etc. All of this is designed to create barriers to access for Americans.

The FDA is also compliant to a certain degree, although they haven’t weighed in yet, if they face enough pressure from the major drug companies they can create real problems for Americans wanting to access the treatment. The main attacks regarding Yunnan Baiyao in America have been centered on the lack of long term research and clinical trials in order to validate how well it works. There are issues regarding whether or not usage comes with the risk of adverse effects. There are even attacks against some of the ingredients inside of it, with opposition stating they can’t be trusted or might be potentially toxic.

With all of this being the case it can’t be said that access to this Chinese medicine will be easy for Americans moving forward. However, for now it can still be accessed relatively easy.

Now what specific diseases or conditions can Yunnan Baiyao be used for with dogs?

Getting back to usage of this treatment for dogs now, people want to know exactly how it is going to be used in order to help. Well first we have to look at one main thing, and this is making sure you’re dog has a condition that qualifies for usage. As mentioned earlier, the contents of the medicine can be used to treat wounds with dogs the same way it would be used to help people. However, for other conditions things are different.

The main diseases a dog could use this medicine for are specific cancers. Here’s a short list:

Cancers such as hemangiosarcoma of the liver, spleen or heart in dogs

As far as spleen cancer is concerned in dogs, the probability of a dog developing it is higher with dogs that are larger. The condition is known to be on the aggressive side and the tumors are malignant. On top of larger dogs having a higher chance of getting it, the odds go up with the age of the dog. Middle ages larger dogs are at the highest risk. Dogs that get spleen cancer are at high risk, because when the tumors rupture this can lead to serious internal bleeding and it can prove fatal. In some instances it can lead to instant death.

Yunnan Baiyao to help with spleen cancer for dogs is typically used orally. The medicine has a strong record of helping with bleeding injuries in terms of curing them successfully. When a dog needs surgery due to having spleen cancer, some veterinarians will actually recommend using this medicine before surgery in order to control serious bleeding. In this case the medicine also can prove useful in helping a dog to make a fast recovery following surgery.

Bleeding bladder tumors in dogs

Bleeding bladder tumors in dogs consists of cells that line the organ responsible for collecting urine (the bladder) excreted by means of the kidneys. The condition itself is rather rare, but one very common form of this cancer would be transitional cell carcinoma (TCC).

Dogs that have a high risk of getting bleeding bladder tumors are usually those that have a diet that’s high in fats as well as carcinogenic substances. If your dog is overweight then they have a higher likelihood of developing bladder tumors. Female dogs are at higher risk overall. These tumors have the highest chance of occurring when a dog is around 5, but are more likely with dogs that are around senior age. This would be about 8 years old.

Yunnan Baiyao isn’t always the go to medicine for dogs with certain diseases or people who have certain conditions. Once again this is because even in the age of the internet and access to information at the push of a button, there are doctors and veterinarians who don’t know enough about this treatment in order to use it. Not only this, but doctors and veterinarians will usually have an idea of the specific treatment they want to use due to past experience using them. In this case they will be rarely open to the idea of using something else.

Using something such as Yunnan Baiyao for doctors and vets is a risky proposition, because they would need to gather more information about it. This will come in the form of asking around to other professionals in their field to learn about it or taking a lot of time to research it on their own. People can access the treatment on their own, but in the case of using it for serious problems that can lead to internal bleeding access to a doctor is preferred or a vet in the case of a dog.

Earlier we spoke about the status of this Chinese medicine in the US and why it’s difficult for a treatment like this to become really mainstream. The reason once again is the low overall cost on top of not having enough research to qualify it as being safe. One thing is for certain already, whatever risks that do exist with the use of this medicine are minimal compared to the risk of using prescription drugs. Prescription drugs not only come with an increased risk of serious side effects, but they can interact with other drugs someone might be using.

As mentioned before, dogs don’t have the same options in terms of treatments and the risks they face due to internal bleeding caused by certain conditions is serious. Yunnan Baiyao can be the number one medicine for controlling this risk. In fact it’s probably more likely that a veterinarian has heard about it over a regular doctor that treats people. Plus it can be said that a vet doesn’t have the same incentive to use prescription drugs than a regular doctor would.

All in all Yunnan Baiyao is very effective and it should certainly be something every person has in their first aid toolkit. As far as using it with dogs there is more required, but it has been shown to work for external bleeding and internal bleeding problems. As the medicine gains more in popularity it will face more opposition though, especially in America where major drug companies have a vested stake in keeping access to such low cost options restricted.

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